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Education & AI

Navigate the metaverse through Arcanea’s Academy & receive community NFT Giveaways build with AI assistance to provide you the the most disruptive education


Why Arcanea?

Arcanea is a Metaverse for open education, exploration & creation. We leverage modern technologies to grow a Metaverse that continuously benefits research and funding of sustainability projects.

Our Decentralized Metaverse Academies are places of wisdom, inspiration, motivation, sharing and creation. Combining ownership with income streams, decision making and first class education that help you to navigate in Web3 & even build your own business!


Educational Courses

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Arcanea is build on education. We provide first class educational content produced with the assitance of AI & the knowledge of industry professionals.

Gamified VR Academies

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  • Unlock new Metaverse areas
  • Level up in the Discord community and earn NFT Rewards
  • Puzzle & Quiz with NFT Rewards

Vibrant Community

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Join a warm and welcoming community that collaborate together to build the next generation of educational experiences in Web3.

How It Works

Our ecosystem provides a basic layer of open education. If you want to dive deeper & become part of our community you will need one of our NFTs for access. 
We provide exclusive membership benefits with Academies & Communities that can only be access by specific NFT owners. 


Become an NFT Owner


Join the Community on our Social Hubs


Gain Educational Certificates


Develop the Metaverse, together!

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